2017 Award Nominations

We have picked all 6 of our award for the 2017 year! Thank you for your help!

Community Service Award: This award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Fairbanks community through their work with or on behalf of young children and their families.

Administrative Recognition Award: An individual working in an administrative or support position (directors, supervisors, curriculum or family specialist, home visitor, cook, bus driver or attendant) is eligible for this award. Nominee must have worked in this position for a minimum of one year.

Provider Recognition Award: This award is given to an early education professional working in a center or home-based site. Nominee must work directly in a classroom with children and have worked in the position for a minimum of one year to qualify for this award. He/she must have completed training required by licensing.

Unsung Hero Award: Our Unsung Hero is a teacher, who throughout their career has never left the classroom or home. This Hero continues to work with and inspire children every day. Their commitment to children and families is a shining example for those that have the honor to see them in action. Their continued dedication, whether in the classroom or home is what all Early Learning and Care professionals should strive to attain. This Hero would never ask for recognition and because of that deserves it even more.

President’s Award: The nominee for this award is someone that will be considered by the President for selection who has demonstrated or aided other to achieve positive outcomes for children and families in our community, state or nation.

Red Wagon Award: The nominee for this award is someone who has been or is currently active in advocacy for children and families. Typically, this person has demonstrated an enduring passion for family and child issues that affect the early childhood community locally, statewide, and/or nationally.